Sine Now available!

Overview of Sine

Kiosk Check In

With Sine, organizations can have a check in and registration kiosk at their entrances just by using an iPad. By connecting the dedicated app to the account, they can utilize features such as facial recognition to identify instantly the visitor, especially if they come to the premises frequently, to facilitate their swift entry.

Instant Visitor Badges

Whichever device the front desk uses for processing guests can connect with badge printers. This identifies the non-employees in the premises and helps security personnel to be more alert on the off chance that a suspicious activity occurs.

Dedicated Host App

To help visitors along, employees who are authorized to receive them can download the Sine host app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. With this, hosts can assist their guests through the check in process by pre-registering them. In addition, in the case of unexpected visitors, hosts can choose whether to accept or reject their requests, giving them full control of who goes up to their offices.

Site Geo-Fencing

Another feature that makes it easier for frequent visitors to check in and to track their movements is the geo-fence. This makes certain that contractors and partners who have the Sine visitor app can swiftly sign in when they are on site. Moreover, the app also sends them reminders to check out once they leave the area.

Automatic Guest Addition

For organization meetings that include people outside of the building, hosts can utilize Sine’s integration with their calendars to send their guests’ names to the front desk. As such, visitors do not have to linger at the reception area and can speedily proceed to the meeting venue.

Visitor Activity Dashboard

Sine administrators can view the stream of non-employees in the workplace via a web dashboard. This is also the software’s section where they can customize various features, generate ad-hoc reports, and even send messages to registered hosts. As such, they are aware all-around of who is on the property.

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3 Crucial reasons to use PingHD Network


Digital Signage is an eye-catching and effective way to showcase content for your business— but how do you know if your content is connected and secure?

Here are 3 reasons why people choose EngagePHD™:

1) Ensure your content is being displayed correctly and reflecting any changes instantaneously.

Digital Signage is the key to making lasting impressions on a consumer. EngagePHD™’s Network Monitoring tools work cohesively to make sure your message is correctly displayed across all screens regardless of where in the world they may be installed. In addition, we have made it easy to update content as well—giving your business the flexibility to update your information as needed.

2) Receive Automated Email Alerts for instant notifications.

Automated email alerts through EngagePHD™’s Network Monitoring System allows you to be constantly connected to your Digital Signage. These alerts will notify you of any issues or changes made to your content. This feature alerts you instantly if: any screens are offline, there is a black screen, if content appears to be frozen, if the temperature of a screen exceeds a pre-determined level and if a user changes a price point of a product. Rest assured there will be no surprises when using the Network Monitoring System.

3) Get access Realtime Dashboard to view current content.

Another important feature of EngagePHD™’s Network Monitoring System is being able to show content that is running on any screen at any given time. We created a Real-time Dashboard view that shows you content that is currently displayed on the screen regardless of your Player/Screen hardware. This allows you to be in control and even request a screenshot of your content on demand.

PingHD Players Map


Ping HD’s Players Map Feature

Ping HD provides a scaleable and flexible digital signage solution. Ping HD is an industry leader when it comes to new and innovative cloud-based software enhancements through EngagePHD™. EngagePHD™ offers a Players Map feature to help your business better manage and maintain your digital content.

Players Map is a versatile tool that you are able to configure and implement to your industry’s needs. Players Map allows users to upload a floor plan of their stadium arena, shopping mall, airport, convention center, or campus. Once the floorpan is uploaded you are able to plot where each and every Player is located. This Players Map will show a green dot or a red dot representing each Player. The green dot indicates that all operational systems are functioning properly. The red dot alerts the user that there is an error or issue with a Player. These color codes make your digital signage Players easy to read and allow the user to quickly pin point where all Players are located.

The Players Map is an interactive medium to provide a snapshot of content currently being displayed by your digital signage player. By hovering your mouse over each green and red dot it will reveal a near realtime screenshot to show exactly what content is on the screen. This action will also provide all of the Player’s information such as: serial number, IP address, MAC address, firmware version, network, and temperature.

For the University of Texas, Austin Ping HD was able to implement the EngagePHD™ Players Map feature for the entire Longhorn’s locker room. Regardless of the size or scale, Ping HD’s Players Map allows you to have complete clarity when reviewing your digital signage operations.

IPTV Feature By PingHD



IPTV Solutions by Ping HD

EngagePHD™ provides complete flexibility for IPTV based digital signage solutions. The IPTV feature supports a wide range of hardware options and hybrid systems.  Depending on the current infrastructure, EngagePHD™ can be implemented in many different ways and work side by side:

  • Multicast Network Stream: EngagePHD™ supports any UDP or TCP based multicast stream. The Multicast Network Stream can be positioned anywhere in a Layout so you can wrap any content around the TV feed. This method is supported on Samsung SSP and LG webOS commercial displays, however, if you need to use external DMP’s, then BrightSign and Windows based players are also supported.
  • RF (Coax):  The RF is uniquely supported on Samsung SSP Commercial Displays (North America Only). TV content can be distributed via RF and each Samsung screen can be programmed to receive all the channels that are available. Furthermore, just like the Multicast Network Stream, users can design a Layout and have this TV source as an option. In addition, we’ve added a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution for sports fans in a suite or a visitor to a corporate office building etc. The BYOD solution allows the user to change the channel from their own smart phone without affecting any L-Bar wrap style content.
  • HDMI External Source: Samsung SSP and LG webOS allows the support of an external set-top box e.g. Comcast, DirecTV, Sky, Virgin Media etc. to be connected via HDMI.  EngagePHD™ is connected to the HDMI port and users can design a Layout to incorporate an L-Bar style wrap containing other content.

The above options are some of the different ways in which we can deliver an IPTV type solution.  Each screen is uniquely IP addressable meaning you can show the same content or showcase unique content on every screen. Regardless of your needs, EngagePHD™ can be used to manage your Digital Signage based IPTV networks.

If you are searching for a streamlined platform where TV content can be mixed in with your Digital Menu Boards, Room Signage, Ad Screens and Wayfinding displays; Ping HD IPTV is your digital solution.

Advertising Features By PingHD


Advertising Features by Ping HD

EngagePHD™ offers a wide range of features to better optimize your digital signage. One of the most effective advertising strategies is through a visually stimulating  component, and Ping HD can provide the resources to improve your advertising.

Digital signage advertising is a modern and engaging attribute to improve your business. Digital signage displays are significant assets that can advertise up-sells, cross-sells, and special offers. Ping HD’s software can allow you to reach multi-demographic audiences all while having complete control over how the material appears, when it appears, and to whom it appears. EngagePHD™ offers flexibility to change any content or promotions on the fly giving you the assurance to manage and preview your advertising quickly and securely.

One of the most rewarding aspects of digital signage advertising through EngagePHD™ is that you can reduce costs and increase revenue. Print ads are a thing of the past and often overlooked; with digital signage advertising you can create appealing advertisements through video and animation. Our advertising features can help increase your revenue with EngagePHD™ digital advertising by selling your ad space to third parties.

Depending on your business needs, Ping HD offers a solution through the EngagePHD™ software to manage, connect, and showcase your digital advertising.

Brightsign media players now PingHD certified


BrightSign, the global market leader in digital signage media players, and Ping HD, a leading digital signage software provider, today announced integration between BrightSign’s media players and Ping HD’s award-winning EngagePHD™ web-based content management system. Following extensive testing in both a development test environment and live testing involving multiple customers, BrightSign earned Ping HD’s preferred vendor status for its entire portfolio of Series 3 media players. The players were noted for their simplicity and performance, with UDP stream rendering cleaner and crisper than any other hardware previously tested by Ping HD.


BrightSign’s integration with Ping HD is yet another milestone in the company’s effort to partner with top CMS providers. The companies – both of which have a strong presence in the restaurant industry – are announcing the integration ahead of the upcoming NRA Show 2017 (May 20-23 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL).


“Our work with Ping HD underscores BrightSign’s commitment to partner with leading digital signage CMS providers, giving them the reliable, affordable hardware to bring their content to life,” said Jeff Hastings, BrightSign’s CEO. “We’re pleased to be working closely with Ping HD to bring successful digital signage solutions to the restaurant industry and beyond.”


Ping HD is a leading provider of innovative digital signage software solutions for all vertical markets, with an especially strong offering for the restaurant industry. The company’s state-of-the-art digital menu boards are a turnkey digital signage solution for restaurant proprietors seeking better ways to reach their customers. Ping HD’s in-house design team creates engaging and impactful content using rich video and other interactive content to draw customers’ attention, as well as utilizes beacon technology to push location-based marketing to customers’ mobile phones. Ping HD integrates seamlessly with restaurants’ existing IT infrastructure, including point-of-sale software and integrated product databases. Restaurants can also incorporate custom third-party widgets to further enhance the customer experience.


“We’ve created EngagePHD™ to be a very robust, feature-rich content management system for our customers, and we rely on BrightSign’s players to reliably serve up that content, without fail,” said Kevin Goldsmith, Chief Technology Officer at Ping HD. “Tightening our collaboration with BrightSign is a great win for our customers, giving them a best-of-breed solution that encompasses some of the best content tools and digital signage hardware on the market today.”


BrightSign’s media players are used widely throughout the restaurant industry, powering everything from simple menu boards to massive video walls. The company has become entrenched in this market through its continued collaboration with key players in the content management space. The Ping HD integration announced today serves as further validation of BrightSign’s commitment to work with leading CMS vendors to deliver best-in-class digital signage solutions for all vertical markets, and the restaurant industry in particular