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All of Sine’s Powerful features available on all plans.

Instant access to all features

  • Web, mobile & iPad check-in

    Check-in visitors, contractors and staff via the web, mobile or iPad

  • Unlimited Hosts

    Upload unlimited Hosts at your site. Allow them to receive an alert via SMS, email or push notification when their guest arrives. Sync your employee directory to Sine.

  • Unlimited Messaging

    Hosts can receive SMS on ALL plans. Send SMS notifications to visitors and contractors. No need to worry about buying separate SMS credits, everything is included!

  • Unlimited iPads

    Sync unlimited iPads to your site and fast track the sign in process at multiple access points.

  • Unlimited data usage

    Your data will never be deleted, with no constraints on time or volume. Sine scales with your usage from one site to thousands of sites.

  • Photo ID enabled

    Capture photo ID of your guests with all our plans. Enable or disable this feature depending on your security requirements.

  • Print visitor badges

    Automatically print self-adhesive badges with all Sine plans. Add Wi-Fi passwords and identify your guests more readily. Print only by visitor type selected at check-in.

  • Host mobile app

    Allow Hosts to accept or reject visitors or entry requests right from the Sine Pro mobile app. Ideal to approve or decline special permit requests and to enhance security levels at your site.

  • Evacuation ready

    Access live evacuation lists in an instant. Print, email or access live on-site visitor lists in case of a drill or emergency. Send group notifications via push notification or email.

  • International language support

    SinePoint Pro for iPad supports English, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish. Switch between languages for multinational sites, choose your check-in language for each visitor.

Multiple visitor flows

  • Custom visitor types

    Set custom visitor types from visitors, contractors, staff, students, couriers or set your own custom names. Print by visitor type.

  • Workflows

    Depending on the visitor type selected, display custom entry and exit forms to ensure your visitors are being presented with the relevant information.

  • Custom entry forms

    Capture visitor data with fully customisable text, numeric, multiple-choice, Yes/No, fixed image and signature fields. Fields can set to required or optional. Pre-fill responses for fast repeat access.

  • Evacuation diagrams & safety entry forms

    Display evacuation diagrams and safety information to your visitors each time they visit site. Pre-fill responses for fast repeat access.

  • Exit forms and incident reports

    Visitors and contractors can sign out at the end of their visit. Useful for incident reporting, key return and keeping track of who’s on site.

  • Legal agreements / NDAs

    Have your visitors sign NDAs and legal agreements on entry and exit with all plans. Copy legal in on all documents.

  • Export signed NDA’s and agreements

    Automatically send signed agreements to a specified email address when a visitor signs in. Great for keeping legal or compliance in the loop.

  • Special permit approvals

    Hosts can approve or reject special permit requests by contractors and give instant feedback to contractor requests. Ideal to flag high risk works at site.


  • Web invites

    Front Desk and Hosts can use the web dashboard to invite visitors to your site.

  • Calendar integration

    Just copy Sine into your meeting requests for Outlook, Google Cal and iCal, and front desk will know who is coming in advance.

  • Bulk invite upload

    Upload your guest list into Sine via CSV and invite larger groups of guests or contractors to your site.

Reports and analytics

  • Powerful reporting

    Generate detailed reports over all sites or one site. Export data into CSV and see the full picture.

  • Auto reporting

    Set up automatic daily reports and share reports with your team. Set a time of day you wish to receive your daily report.

  • Portfolio ready

    View reports across a portfolio of sites on your account. Get the helicopter view of all check in and compliance activity across your portfolio.

iPad features

  • Instant set-up

    Get started with SinePoint Pro within minutes. Just sync to your Sine account.

  • Photo verification and facial recognition 

    Turn on or off photo capture via the SinePoint Pro iPad App and increase security at your site. Photo capture included with all plans. Use facial recognition to make your facility safer and check-out users with their face.

  • Company branding

    Add your company’s logo and website backgrounds to display on the Sine iPad app. Display a slideshow of 3 custom backgrounds.

  • Fast repeat access

    Your repeat visitors and contractors just need to enter their mobile number or email to gain fast repeat access. We never allow re-entry by name alone.

  • Fast check-out

    Visitors can check out quickly straight from the iPad or mobile app. Front desk and Hosts can also check-out visitors from the web dashboard.

  • Deliveries and courier one-tap check-in

    Enable one-tap check-in for couriers and deliveries. Set up your mailroom to receive notifications that a delivery has arrived or an item is ready for collection.

  • Device management

    Add Sine’s device management to your iPads and forget about Apple IDs. Detect if your iPad is offline (extra costs apply for iPad device management).

Mobile app features

  • Free mobile check-in

    Free mobile check-in for busy repeat visitors and contractors from Sine for mobile on iPhone and Android.

  • Geofencing check-in

    Sine for mobile is location-aware. Check-in and out of a site when you are on site and within a pre-set geofence. Receive entry and exit notifications to remind your visitors, contractors and staff to check-in and out.

  • QR code check-in

    Add more precision to the location of your visitors’ check-in and check-out using QR code wall posters on site. Ideal for remote sites – no iPad required which keeps setup costs lower.

  • ID check for mobile

    Require that visitors and contractors using the Sine mobile Apps have verified their identity. Make photo ID, mobile number verification and email verification mandatory for site entry.

  • Host messaging and check-out

    Hosts can swipe to reveal messaging to visitors and check-out of visitors. Ideal to let your visitors know you are on your way to meet them. Send custom messages.

Badge printing

  • Instant badge printing

    Print custom badges in black & white or colour from your iPad, Sine mobile apps or Dashboard.

  • Pre-print guest badges

    Pre-Print guest badges that have been pre-registered. Print one badge or all badges. Great for events and conferences.

  • Mobile app printing

    Visitors and contractors checking in on Sine Pro for mobile can have their badges printed instantly.

  • Web dashboard printing

    Print badges directly from your web dashboard. Connect your printer directly to your desktop or print via the iPad.

  • Unlimited printers per site

    Add unlimited printers to your Site to cover multiple access points.

  • Printer out-of-paper alerts

    Receive alerts when your Brother badge printer has run low on paper and when normal service has been restored to your printers.

  • Print by visitor type

    Ideal for printing only certain types of visitors on check-in: print badges for visitors & contractors but not staff for example.

Web dashboard features

  • Web check-in

    Allow front desk and your Hosts to check in and out visitors right from the web dashboard. No iPad required.

  • Live Activity feed

    See who is checked in and who is checked out at a glance. Search by visitor name.

  • Team and collaborators

    Invite your colleagues and team. Set permissions and restrict access based on team privileges (Front Desk and Security, Team or Site Admin, Reporting Only).

  • Add notes

    Add notes to each visitor entry. Ideal to add pass numbers, keys and record asset allocation to each visitor.

  • Host delegates

    Hosts can set a single delegate (i.e. an Exec assistant or safety officer) or a group of delegates to receive Host notifications on their behalf.


  • Employee directories

    Sync your Active Directory with Sine’s Host list and keep your Hosts data up-to-date automatically.

  • Inductions and HSE systems

    Integrate Sine with popular induction and safety systems and check your contractors are inducted or compliant on arrival at site.

  • Guest Wi-Fi

    Integrate Sine with guest Wi-Fi systems and provide your visitors with guest login details on check-in. See here for more details.

  • Make your own

    With the Sine WebHook service you can write a custom integration very quickly to any endpoint you decide to set.

Brilliant support

  • Real people, real support

    Small and Medium plans come with online support via live chat and email. Upgrade to Enterprise for telephone, email, online support and account setup.

  • Enterprise support

    Enterprise customers will receive account setup as part of their package. Let the Sine support team set up all branding, entry and exit forms and establish your Sine account with no fuss.

Sine Cloud iPad Visitor Management
Sine Cloud iPad Visitor Management
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