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CONCIERGE BOOKING is the complete workspace management solution providing, room/resource booking, visitor management, catering and hospitality booking, integration to financial application and digital signage for meeting room screens and reception screens.

CONCIERGE BOOKING consists of 7 modules

CONCIERGE BOOKING makes it easy to book meeting rooms, parking spaces, desks and other resources. The booking system eliminates the risk of double bookings and provides a complete overview of the meeting rooms and other resources.

CONCIERGE CATERING makes it easy to order catering and hospitality items for meetings. The service units have their own interface where they can take out reports and see incoming orders.

CONCIERGE BOOKINGCENTER allows for selected employees or a department to administer the organizations bookings. The module allows selected users to move and edit other users’ bookings.

CONCIERGE RECEPTION is a complete visitor management tool, which provides a complete overview of the organization's guests while ensuring that the guests are introduced to the business in a professional manner upon arrival.

CONCIERGE WEB provides a web interface to CONCIERGE SERVICES. The module works on SharePoint, Intranet, all handheld devices and it supports all browsers. The module is primarily designed for smartphones and tablets.

CONCIERGE DISPLAY is a digital signage system for meeting room screens and reception screens. The software displays information about meetings and visitors on screens mounted outside the meeting rooms and in the reception area. Users can book, end and prolong meetings from the screens mounted outside the meeting rooms.

CONCIERGE EXPORT exports all data e.g. electronic bills from CONCIERGE SERVICES into a financial system.

 Used by the worlds largest companies for Visitor Management Systems Brisbane,Sound and Image Group can certainly assist you with Meeting Room Management and Visitor Registration.

Concierge Services works works with Office 365 and Outlook 2010.

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