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VisionShare A40

VisionShare A40 is the "World's First Wireless True 4K Presentation and Collaboration system" that enables any meeting participant to instantly share content wirelessly with high performance and security.

VisionShare Key Features

Vision a professional collaboration solution

4K Video Quality

High performance of 4K video quality 

Without compressed loss

Instant Performance

Very high frequency technology and high network capacity, less than 1ms latency.

Compatible with Any Device

No installation; no need for system updates; no system compatibility issues.

High Security Protection

HDCP and DTCP content security protection, factory pre-pairing of each package module.

Intuitive Set up Without Tools

    Unique And Professional Design

    Total Solution include Receiver, Clicker, Power Station

    Power Embedded

    No more worrying about additional power supply issues or USB connectivity! Use continuously for 2-3 hours in a meeting with no issues.

    LED Warning Indicator

    When the power is below 20%, the LED indicator will flash a warning message to remind you to charge it.

    Power System-Pack

    VisionShare has careful power supplies, including a built-in battery, micro-USB, and power station to provide you with various charging methods.

    Power Station

    When not being used in a meeting, store and charge it in a two-set deck with an elegant and secure design.

    VisionShare Unique Features

    Smart Technology, Smart Office

    HDMI Plug & Play

    Near Zero Latency

    Free WiFi Interference

    Easy Installation

    Power Embedded

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