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Moving Beyond the Static Poster

Every day your target market is walking past your window. So how do you bring them off the sidewalk and into your place of business? The leading method being used today is printed posters. Posters are static and not particularly noticeable. Unlike posters, LCDs can provide dynamic, eye-catching content which can be updated regularly, but one limiting factor with this technology has always been brightness. Most of the displays we view in public spaces are simply not bright enough for the application. Never before has there been such a solution.

DynaScan introduces the world’s brightest line of LCDs. Combining the sunlight viewable benefit of a printed poster with dynamic, eye-catching technology of a digital display, DynaScan high brightness displays are intended to operate in very high ambient light conditions. With brightness ratings as high as 7,000 nits, the screens may be installed in bright locations such as storefront windows - even those in direct sunlight - and are able overcome the competing ambient light.

Update Your Signage with Ease

Printed posters have to be changed out every time you want to feature a new product, launch a new marketing campaign or simply announce a sale. With DynaScan high brightness LCDs you can update your storefront window signage’s video content regularly without the costs associated with printing and shipping new posters. Our screens are compatible with virtually any content delivery system on the market, meaning you can update your content instantly from anywhere you have a network connection. Businesses with multiple locations can ensure their message is reaching their audience without having to worry if their local store associates are changing out signage.

Extend the Point of Sale Boundary

With storefront window LCDs, you can engage your customers beyond the physical confines of the store. Customers can see a product demonstration in action, learn about a new service or be informed of a sale taking place before even stepping foot inside.

Brand Building

Building a brand identity and brand awareness is an important part of any business. Not only are DynaScan high brightness LCDs eye-catching, they provide you with the proper tool to connect with your customers, motivate buyers, build brand loyalty, and deliver your message clearly.

Modern Image

The first thing a customer notices before walking into a store is the front entrance. Many businesses are adding digital audio visual systems to the interiors of their stores while neglecting this key real estate due to technology limitations. Utilizing storefront digital signage effectively lends credibility to your brand. It shows you understand and are up to date with current technology.

Consumer TV or Professional Display -
What’s the Difference?

Unlike consumer television sets, professional displays are designed to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with advanced heat management systems. Built with security in mind, they offer rugged metal construction and the ability to lockout remote control functions. While televisions are limited to being mounted in a landscape orientation, professional displays may also be mounted in a vertical, portrait orientation. Perhaps most importantly, consumer televisions are not covered by warranty when used in a commercial environment.