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Your tool for conference room scheduling and resource booking.


CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE allows you to book meeting rooms easily through a user-friendly room booking interface. The room booking software eliminates the risk of double bookings and presents the meeting rooms on interactive floor plans where it is easy to see the location and the availability of the meeting rooms.

User-Friendly Room Booking via Outlook

CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE offers easy meeting room and resource booking through Microsoft Outlook. Only available meeting rooms and resources are shown and you can easily search for a meeting room that fits your location requirements, size and built-in equipment. The integrated dynamic floor plan will inform you about meeting room locations, and if they are booked or free.

Booking via Mobile Devices

CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE allows you to book meeting rooms and resources from mobile devices and the web. With the mobile booking application, you can book meeting rooms and manage your existing bookings on the run. The booking software is integrated with your Microsoft Outlook calendar. More about mobile booking.


Booking Administration

Meeting rooms are often a scarce resource and it is important to optimize the usage. With CONCIERGE BOOKING Software a facility department or selected users responsible for meeting rooms will have an overview of the bookings and be able to manage all bookings. Existing meeting room bookings can be moved or canceled in a user-friendly booking grid.

Room Booking Reports

CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE offers limitless reporting possibilities. Examples of meeting room reports include meeting room occupancy rates, no shows, meeting room bookings today/this week/this month, my bookings, etc.


Add Costs for Meeting Room Bookings

It is possible to add rental prices to selected meeting rooms. You can specify if the room rental should be added to all meeting rooms and to all bookings or if the room rental should only be added to selected bookings. The meeting room rental cost can differ from room to room, and it can be set up in many ways.

Manage No‑Shows

Many organizations are struggling with no‑shows in the meeting rooms. CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE can send a meeting reminder to the organizer by email or text message XX hours before the booking starts. In addition to this, the digital room screen software can also release the room booking if the meeting has not been confirmed from the room screen.



General Requirements
  • Client: Microsoft Outlook 2007 or newer.
  • Server: Microsoft Exchange 2007 or newer.
  • Microsoft Office 365 is supported.
  • Citrix and Terminal Services are supported.

Booking from Microsoft Outlook and Visitor Management Software:
  • Needs no installation on the Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Needs no Internet Information Server.
  • Needs no SQL database.
  • Uses the resources that are set up in Microsoft Exchange.
Digital signage and Booking from Mobile Devices, Internet Browser or Touch Screens:
  • Needs no installation on the Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Needs no SQL database.
  • Requires a web browser supporting CSS, JaveScript and AJAX
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server 6.0 or newer.
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or newer.



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