Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) Digital Signage Australia

The Quick Serve Restaurant is one of the industries that benefits greatly from cutting-edge, forward-thinking digital signage. Sound and Image offers solutions that are affordable, easy to use, and provide multifunctional digital signage solutions.

Our EngagePHD™ Software is a full turnkey solution that provides a feature-rich, yet low-cost solution that runs on leading display hardware such as LG and Samsung. Discover the ways Sound and Image can deliver the next generation of digital signage to your quick serve restaurant below.


Whether it is pushing sponsored advertising to your clients, or promoting the deal of the day; our digital signage solutions offer a wide range of flexible advertising options. Sound and Image offers an easy-to-use design interface that quickly allows you to update, design, and instantly launch branded messaging, promotions, or anything vital to the day-to-day operations of your establishment from the convenience of desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Digital Menu Boards

The digital menu board is one of the most versatile and impactful solutions offered by Sound and Image. Digital Menu Boards have been shown to create an uplift in revenue due to their impactful brand messaging and and ability to easily customize to meet customer needs. Sound and Image offers digital menu board solutions offer an easy-to-use management system.These solutions offer a fully customizable interface which can be quickly managed through any desktop, laptop, or mobile device; easy to implement changes due to the simplistic user interface, and can be changed on the fly to ensure rapid message delivery. With digital menu boards your quick server restaurant will see dramatic results, a positive return on investment, and long-term sustainability.

Reader Boards

Install Sound and Image reader boards throughout your facility to promote upcoming events, relay important targeted messages, allow your customers to check into their favorite social network and encourage impulse buys at the register. Our reader boards can be free standing in high traffic areas or mounted to a wall or ceiling grid where there is limited space.