Real Estate Digital Signage Australia


Digital signage software is a powerful, highly cost-effective and tool for communicating with potential property buyers who pass by and come in to estate agent offices.

Digital display screens strategically located in-window or around a real estate office can show potential buyers all the available properties in a dynamic and enticing way:

  • Better Customer Experience – when someone is selling their property what better way to show the value of working with your company than displaying high-quality images and videos of their property on in-window and in-store digital displays.
  • Timelines – Print signs can take weeks to get in place. Digital signage-based messaging is almost instantaneous, hyper targeted and automated. Just make a change to your property database and the changes are automatically displayed on screen
  • Costs – The printing, transport and labour costs of traditional print signs easily exceed the costs, over the same period, for more streamlined messaging using digital signage.
  • Revenues – Estate Agents drive increased billings by promoting enhanced or extra services, like financial services. In-window screens also drive foot traffic into your office by day and at night time add a QR Code or NFC tag in-window to allow potential buyers to view properties on display on their mobile devices.

Estate Agents use digital signage software for:

  • Providing the very latest property information
  • Promoting additional services
  • Projecting a positive brand image
  • Ensuring you keep marketing properties whilst the office is closed
  • Advertising and promotion