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CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE is a complete workspace management solution providing, room/resource booking, visitor management, catering and hospitality booking, integration to financial application and digital signage for meeting room screens and reception screens.

CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE consists of the following modules:

CONCIERGE SERVICES makes it easy to order catering and hospitality items for meetings. The service units have their own interface where they can take out reports and see incoming orders.

COCIERGE RESOURCES makes it easy to book meeting rooms, parking spaces, desks and other resources. The booking system eliminates the risk of double bookings and provides a complete overview of the meeting rooms and other resources.

CONCIERGE BOOKINGCENTER allows for selected employees or a department to administer the organization's bookings. The module allows selected users to move and edit other users’ bookings.

CONCIERGE RECEPTION is a complete visitor management tool, which provides a complete overview of the organization's guests while ensuring that the guests are introduced to the business in a professional manner upon arrival.

CONCIERGE WEB provides a web interface to CONCIERGE SERVICES. The module works on SharePoint, Intranet, all handheld devices and it supports all browsers. The module is primarily designed for smartphones and tablets.

CONCIERGE DISPLAY ROOMS is a digital signage system for meeting room screens. The software retrieves meeting room bookings for Microsoft Exchange and present it on meeting room panels. User can book, prolong and end meetings from the room panels.

CONCIERGE DISPLAY RECEPTION is a digital signage system reception screens. The software displays information about meetings and visitors on screens in the reception area.

CONCIERGE EXPORT - Exports all the data into your accounting or reporting systems




Visitor management system

CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE ensures a professional welcome of visitors and handles everything regarding visitor management. The visitor management software allows you to pre-book visitors for meetings and the reception staff can sign visitors in/out and print visitor cards. Visitors can even sign in from a self-registration screen, laptop or terminal.

Overview of Visitors

CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE offers a complete visitor management software with easy visitor registration and visitor card printing. You have an overview of expected visitors, visitors who are in the building and whom they are meeting with. You can set up as many receptions as you like and see visitor information from a specific reception or all receptions.

Pre-Booking of Visitors

You can pre-book visitors for meetings and add extra information about the guests so that the reception staff at the location knows who is expected and is aware of any special requirements. When pre-booking a visitor, the visitor management software can also send an email to the guest containing a road description and QR code for easy signing in or opening the gate.

Visitor Cards

Printing of visitor cards is easy with CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE. The visitor management software prints a visitor card when the guest has signed in. Visitor cards are designed for the individual client.

Visitor Registration

Signing visitors in and out is very easy with CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE. Visitors can sign in from a self-registration device or the reception staff can sign in the visitors from the visitor management software. Pre-booked visitors, who have received a QR code, can even sign in by scanning the QR code in the reception.

Notify Host with SMS or Email

You do not have to call a host every time a visitor arrives. The visitor management software can automatically send an email and/or text message to the host with a customized message when a visitor has signed in.

Evacuation Report

In case of emergency, you can take out an evacuation report to take with you on your Windows‑based device such as Microsoft Surface Pro. The evacuation report will give you an overview of visitors in the building and make it easier for you to get in touch with the visitor or the host



Meeting Room Panels

The Fischer & Kerrn Meeting Room Panel is a sleek and elegant 10.1" meeting room touch screen that is powered over ethernet and has build in NFC/RFID card reader. The meeting room panel shows room availability and other necessary booking information. The bright tri-color LED lights makes it easy to find available rooms from a distance.

The Fischer & Kerrn Meeting Room Panel can be delivered in black or aluminium and it is easy to mount on both wall and glass.

Layout options

CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE offers unique layout options on your conference room displays. You can choose a standard layout or you can have our professionals design your own unique room panel layout that match your company's identity and brand. It is even possible to have unique layout for each meeting room screen.

A unique layout on the Fischer & Kerrn Meeting Room panels makes your office look one of kind.

Other Room Panel Devices and Cases

The conference room display software also works with iPad, Android and Surface tablets. We also offer an elegant mounting case for iPads and Samsung tablets. The mounting case can be mounted on both glass and wall.


 More Information can be found on the  Fisher & Kerrn Website