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Sine is a visitor management system that helps organizations streamline the flow of visitors, contractors, and partners in the workplace. With this system, visitors can receive invitations and pre-registration emails from their hosts beforehand to make their entry into premises and sites seamless.

Once Sine is implemented, companies and institutions can check in visitors to their work areas even when they are on mobile. This lets employees who are expecting visitors to be great hosts and facilitate the fluid entry of their guests to the offices or to the fieldwork area.

And with Sine as their VMS, organizations can ensure that those who step into their buildings or go to their remote locations understand the rules and regulations enforced upon guests. They can do this by having them sign forms and agreements before issuing badges.

Overview of Sine Benefits

Kiosk Check In

With Sine, organizations can have a check in and registration kiosk at their entrances just by using an iPad. By connecting the dedicated app to the account, they can utilize features such as facial recognition to identify instantly the visitor, especially if they come to the premises frequently, to facilitate their swift entry.

Instant Visitor Badges

Whichever device the front desk uses for processing guests can connect with badge printers. This identifies the non-employees in the premises and helps security personnel to be more alert on the off chance that a suspicious activity occurs.

Dedicated Host App

To help visitors along, employees who are authorized to receive them can download the Sine host app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. With this, hosts can assist their guests through the check in process by pre-registering them. In addition, in the case of unexpected visitors, hosts can choose whether to accept or reject their requests, giving them full control of who goes up to their offices.

Site Geo-Fencing

Another feature that makes it easier for frequent visitors to check in and to track their movements is the geo-fence. This makes certain that contractors and partners who have the Sine visitor app can swiftly sign in when they are on site. Moreover, the app also sends them reminders to check out once they leave the area.

Automatic Guest Addition

For organization meetings that include people outside of the building, hosts can utilize Sine’s integration with their calendars to send their guests’ names to the front desk. As such, visitors do not have to linger at the reception area and can speedily proceed to the meeting venue.

Visitor Activity Dashboard

Sine administrators can view the stream of non-employees in the workplace via a web dashboard. This is also the software’s section where they can customize various features, generate ad-hoc reports, and even send messages to registered hosts. As such, they are aware all-around of who is on the property.